SMC BMC Design Award 2024 “On the Move”
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> published on 28 octubre 2022

Press Release SMC BMC Design Award 2024


SMC BMC Design Award 2024 “On the Move”

The European Alliance for SMC BMC is launching the 4th edition of the SMC BMC Design Award. This international Design Competition is recognizing and promoting design excellence in using SMC and BMC advanced materials. The theme of this edition is “On the Move” – SMC solutions for Public transport and Future Mobility.

SMC and BMC are composite materials ideal for making light, and intricate parts that combine structural performance with a smooth surface finish. For that reason, SMC and BMC are increasingly used in a broad range of end-use applications and markets.


The European Alliance for SMC BMC is now launching the 4th edition of its well-known Design Competition, seeking ideas and proposals for applying these versatile materials. “We would like to reinforce that SMC and BMC materials are innovative, cost effective and sustainable, bringing major benefits for consumers and end-users,” comments Joan Montobbio, Chairman of the Alliance Board. “The Alliance will support the winners in fine-tuning their designs, improving part manufacturing-ability and business plans, and in bringing their innovations to market.”

This year’s topic is “On the Move” – SMC solutions for Public transport and Future mobility. “We like the design students to think about how to travel better and faster”, explains Thomas Wegman, Marketing Lead for the Alliance. “We believe young designers can help to create a joyful travel experience through proposing novel products and solutions. At the same time we are interested to significantly reduce environmental footprint, increase travel security with ever increasing numbers of travelers.”


The SMC BMC Design Award 2024 is open for Design students and Young Design Professionals (less than 3 years of experience) living in Europe. Innovations entered into the SMC BMC Design Award will be judged by an independent Jury with expert members from both the Design community and the Composites industry.

The Award has some interesting prices to win: total amount is €17.500, including a Gold Award (€7.500 in cash and €7.500 in coaching), Silver Award (€1.500), and Bronze Award (€1.000).

Please visit for pre-registering your project team. Pre-registration closes on August 31st, 2023. Projects have to be submitted before December 31st, 2023. The final Award ceremony is planned for March 2024.


The European Alliance for SMC BMC is an industry association of European companies involved in SMC and BMC technology, promoting the benefits of SMC BMC composite solutions through:

– Connecting key stakeholders in the supply chain
– Providing details on typical end-uses
– Explaining the features and associated benefits
– Making available design information to engineers and designs
– Facilitating the information exchange at selected events
More information about the European Alliance for SMC BMC on
The European Alliance is an association operating under the umbrella of EuCIA in Brussels, Belgium.


Thomas Wegman
Phone: +31 6 8364 2884