Vision Mission

About the Group


Polynt invests in research, innovation and development to provide solutions that respect the ecosystem balance.
Polynt is present in four continents with production and commercial plants that provide to our customers innovative, sustainable and responsible solutions.
Polynt continues to provide a wide range of products designed for all key sectors like agro-food, biomedical, construction, electronics, logistics and maritime industries.
The production is based on three areas: Composites, Intermediates and Coatings, contributing to the creation of thousands of items that improve the quality of life.
Through specific production technologies and custom design solutions, Polynt continues to benefit of loyal customers.
Polynt pays special attention to Research&Development activities, technology implementation and process control to meet the growing demand of safety and quality required by the current markets.
These activities are always carried out with the aim of creating a people oriented chemical industry.

Our experience is the guarantee. Our success is proof. 
Our commitment is the future.