HSE, Quality & Certification

Sustainable development and Responsible Care

Polynt is committed to performing and managing its operations so as to prevent injury to people and to avoid damage to the environment and property. Its activities are carried out in accordance with the principles of Sustainable Development and Responsible Care programmes promoted by the chemical industry.

Compliance with the HSE principles is an integral part of Polynt’s business and activities that are undertaken through integrated management systems, respecting the internal regulations.

Through their ongoing commitment to minimise the environmental impact of the Company’s operations, its employees contribute to the improvement of performance by optimising the use of natural resources necessary for production processes and product realisation.

Occupational safety is ensured by providing employees with suitable information and tailored training to develop their skills and their HSE awareness.

Improvement in HSE awareness and compliance is measured using specific indicators. Technological competitiveness is ensured through measures designed to increase the environmental efficiency of investments and to optimise the costs of HSE compliance.

For these reasons, processes and products are only developed and used after the risks to health, safety and environment have been evaluated. The Company prioritises the preparation of emergency plans to manage any emergencies so as to control and limit the effects of possible accidents.