We work to improve the quality of life

Polynt applies all the knowledge and methods made available by medical science for the welfare of its employees and the local community. All employees are aware of the importance of the protection of human health as part of their activities.

In particular, the entire organization is committed to:

  • Promote and maintain the health and welfare of employees and contractors providing service-oriented occupational medicine and preventive health care in general;
  • Maintain the trust and respect of employees by ensuring the adoption of preventive measures and ensuring, where necessary, adequate medical treatment;
  • Protect personnel health through the competent doctor, infirmary and specialist services;
  • Guarantee emergency management and medical care through the Company Health Service and those in charge of First Aid;
  • Identify and evaluate the potential effects on human health of chemical and physical agents that may be present in the workplace;
  • Contribute to prevention of disease by promoting self-awareness about health issues among employees and collaborators, also promoting specific screening;
  • Inform business departments about medical topics of relevance and assist them with the activities of recognition and risk assessment;
  • Improve continuously the quality of occupational medicine within the Company;
  • Optimise the knowledge and skills of staff through information and training on the subject;
  • Guarantee cooperation between the Prevention and Protection Service, the occupational physician and other business functions for an integrated approach to the prevention of risks;
  • Ensure up-to-date information about occupational medicine issues through contacts with external doctors, clinics and research institutes.