Polynt Group Approach


Polynt Group approach

In the Polynt Group we are aware that to achieve lasting success, economic growth must respect the ethical rules: financial performance with corporate social responsibility and industrial development with environmental protection.

As a leader in Composites and Intermediates production, we attach great importance to sustainability, which is an integral part of our business practices. Guided by strong leadership and a sense of responsibility, we are committed to building a better future and playing a leading role in the new era of sustainable chemistry.

To achieve our goals, we involve our Stakeholders in open and constant communication with the aim of creating value and sharing it with all our employees, customers, partners, suppliers, investors and local communities.

Our Group’s governance model reflects our commitment to a culture of ethics, integrity and responsibility in all areas of our business and along the entire value chain.

Backed by experience in this sector, we are committed to sustainable design based on solutions with high environmental and safety performance and offering our customers products that exceed their expectations.

We consider the Sustainable Development Goals that guide the United Nations 2030 Agenda (Sustainable Development Goals), as the framework on which to base our actions in the transition to a more chemical sustainable future.