Strategy and Organization

About the Group

A focused strategy for multiple purposes

Polynt main goals are achieved with a targeted strategy.

Its strengths are:

Consolidation of its current market share and expansion into those markets that have high growth potential, such as Asia and Eastern Europe through acquisitions, joint ventures and investments;

Maintenance of its competitive advantage through research and development, customer monitoring and innovation and extension of its product range;

Improvement of operating efficiency and effectiveness by optimizing plant utilization, generating the electrical energy necessary for production and monitoring the performance indicators internally.

Business Integrated Model

The Company has an integrated business model because it uses a portion of its raw materials for internal consumption and sells the remaining part on the market. This allows to reduce operating costs and to obtain a high independence from third party suppliers.

This allows:

  • A careful and fixed monitoring of product’s quality and their compliance with standards;
  • The maintenance of an efficient production process by offering a wide range of tailor-made and base products;
  • High security and environmental protection.


This business model is divided into four phases:


Research and development new products and processes for each product line are studied into own laboratories by a highly qualified staff;

Production planning based on sales forecasts and the related supply of raw materials, through a logistic organization focused on well-timed contracts with suppliers;

Internal production process and quality control of raw materials, and end products complying with Company’s technical specifications;

Products sales through own sales organization, agents and distributors. The Company’s customers are rarely end customers but B2B customers and they will reprocess products before placing them on the market. Very important is the pre and after-sales technical assistance that provides feedback for the new products’ development that better meet the requirements of market’s demands.

Research and development

Inside its own laboratories, Polynt carries out an ongoing research and development activity focused primarily on two types of research:

  • On product: product’s portfolio innovation by expanding and integrating the offered range and improving technical’s performance. In particular, this activity is focused on tailor-made products that are designed to meet the custome specific needs.
  • On production technologies: raw materials’ transformation into end product. This activity assumes a theoretical study before research’s activity. The developed technologies are used internally and licensed to third parties.
The approach is practical. The product’s and process’ renewal is focused on: the specific needs of each customer; the reported market trends identified by the R&D managers; the costs optimization; the risk reduction; the environmental safety.

Research and development activities are carried out into:

  • laboratories dedicated to specific product lines, furnished with the necessary equipment suitable for specific needs. The main aim of each laboratory is to expand its product line portfolio, based on the information received from customers.

The continuous improvement of new products and technologies has led to the registration of many licenses and trademarks. Over the years, the Company has started scientific partnerships with major universities, Italian and foreign research institutes.

Our laboratories