Cookie policy

In extreme summary, cookies are strings of text which allow some information to be stored in the hard disk of the user accessing the website, allowing Polynt to provide functions, for example remembering the parameters of some searches which were made, the total number of visitors to the website, preferences and habits of the connected user (e.g. language, search engine, etc.) in order to improve navigation of the website.
Cookies are divided into technical (or temporary) cookies and profiling (or permanent) cookies.

– Technical cookies: these are fundamental for navigating within the website, allowing performance of IT authentication, session monitoring and memorising information on the visited website. There are three subcategories of technical cookies:

o Navigation cookies: these allow normal navigation and use of the website
o Analytic cookies: used to gather information, in an aggregate form, on the number of users and how they visit the website
o Functional cookies: these allow the user to navigate according to a series of selected criteria (e.g. language)

– Profiling cookies: are designed to create user profiles to send advertising messages in line with the preferences shown by the same whilst surfing the net. These are cookies which are stored in the user’s hard disk also after the end of the navigation. Use of such cookies requires consent by the data subject since there are more criticalities involved in terms of privacy protection.

The Polynt website ( uses only technical cookies ad does not use any cookies for purposes of profiling and/or marketing.

The technical and analytic cookies used by the Polynt website and their expiry time are shown on the table below:

TechnicalPHPSESSIDExpires at the end of the session
TechnicalSessionExpires at the end of the sessionThis cookie certifies that the user when accessing the website accepted the cookie and read the short information notice
Technicalcookies-monster-accepted1 month
Technicalwordpress_logged_in_2 weeks
Technical_icl_current_language1 day
Technicalwfwaf-authcookie1 day
Analytic_ga2 years
Analytic_gatExpires at the end of the session
Analytic_gid1 day

It is specified that these cookies are used to identify uniquely, but in an entirely anonymous fashion, the navigation session of each user. At the end of the navigation session, some of these cookies are deleted.
The user who wishes to disable technical cookies, where consent is not required under the Privacy regulation, can find instructions on how to delete them in the instruction manual of his navigation browser, and in many other browsers on the web.
It should be remembered that technical cookies are technically indispensable in order to provide the Website user with the service requested by him. Without use of such cookies, certain operations – even simply navigating – would become very complex or impossible, making it seriously difficult to navigate or view the Website.

The Polynt website contains third party cookies: these are cookies installed by third party companies on the Polynt portal, allowing them to store additional cookies on the user’s device and allow access to their website. Polynt has no control whatsoever over such cookies, and takes no liability for such Policies. We therefore invite the users to get to know the Privacy policy of such operators, visiting their websites. Today Polynt uses such cookies from:

• Google Analytics (
• Google + (Plus)
• Facebook (
• Linkedin
• CompositesPress

If the device is used by several people or has more than one browser, it is not possible to guarantee with certainty that the terminal services correspond to use by a specific user. In any case, sharing use of the terminal with others and the configuration of browser settings concerning cookies are free choices of the user, who is responsible for them while navigating the website
The user is advised that display of the banner on first access is recorded using technical cookies for a period of no more than 1 month; once such a term has expired, the same initial access banner will appear again. Also if the user deletes the cookies he has saved in his browser, the same banner will appear the next time he accesses the website
Display of the short information notice contained in the banner will be kept among the Data Controller’s files for no more than one year.