> published on 13 December 2016

Polynt has been active in the production, sales, research and development of organic anhydrides and their derivatives for over 60 years.

Its membership in the major chemical intermediates sector al-lows the Company to play a central role in activities ranging from petroleum refining to the production, sale and market distribution of finished products.

With more than 2300 employees and 35 manufacturing facil-ities, Polynt Composites is known for its superior quality and impressive range of products, including Polyester and Vinyl Ester Resins, Compounds, Gel Coats, low profile/low shrink Additives, tooling systems, Bonding Pastes, Catalysts, and cleaning agents.

In its four plants, located in Italy, Germany, Poland and South Korea, Polynt Composites produces Sheet Molding Com-pounds (SMC) and Bulk Molding Compounds (BMC) with a total capacity of 80.000 tons/Y.

Polynt Composites has invested many efforts in research and development for new class of thermoset reinforced materi-als to answer to the increasing market requests. In particu-lar, in its German plant in Miehlen (near Frankfurt), has been launched a new production line fully dedicated to manufactur-ing of carbon fiber reinforced SMC for several applications. This industrial line has a production width of max. 1,5 meter, it is equipped with devices able to operate with chopped carbon fibers with different fiber lengths, with recycled carbon fleece and with all types of fabric for prepregs.

Polynt Composites has developed and is using new resins systems in order to propose the CF-SMCs for different market sectors’ applications. The new CF-SMC operates since spring of this year and has a capacity of about 2.000 tons/Y. In order to develop dedicated products, Polynt Composites Germany has a laboratory line for sampling and small lots; this line can also be used for production of CF-SMC with unidirec-tional fibers.

Plant’s infrastructures (such as cooled storage, paste prepara-tion area, test laboratory and all safety and environmental fa-cilities and devices) are already available on site thanks to its current GF-SMC activities.

For the automotive industries, Polynt Composites proposes a new range of lightweight SMC, with density of 1.2 g/cm3 and modulus above 8000 MPa. These low-density SMC are suita-ble for body panels for cars and trucks. R&D departments lo-cated in Italy and Germany, are studying the next generation of LW-SMC with density of 1.1 g/cm3 and near Class-A surfaces. Furthermore, with the acquisition of CCP from Total, Polynt Composites has extended the Class-A SMC portfolio giving the best solutions for OEM’s.

Other specialties are:

  • Structural SMC reinforced with glass fibers. These mate-rials combine high mechanical properties (Modulus up to 16000 MPa) with good flow in the tool;
  • Styrene free SMC. Totally new class of SMC without sty-rene like curing agent. This family has zero-VOC and can be used for interiors in automotive and trucks;
  • High thermal conductivity BMC. Developed formulation of high filled BMC with improved thermal conductivity (3.7 W/ mK) introducing boron nitride as additional filler, maintaining the electrical insulation;
  • SMC for aircraft industries. Polynt Composites proposes one material for defined application areas in aircraft;
  • HUP 27: the SMC described by HUP 27 is developed for the fire containment requirements for cargo areas and ful-fills the FAR requirements according FAR 25 App. F, Part I + V and the AITM 3.005.

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