Gravicol is the premium range of Bonding Pastes, and it can be formulated with and without glass fibres.
This bonding paste is suitable for various applications and its properties are: low shrink, semi-flexible and flexible properties and gap filling capabilities to 25 mm. The low shrink properties of Gravicol means that there will be no “print-through” on the surface of the bonded parts.
The bonds formed with Gravicol paste also provide a water and airtight seal.
Gravicol is available in a range of gel/cure times, designed to cure with a low peak exotherm, ensuring no deformation of the parts being bonded.
When compared to a mechanical assembly or an over-laminating process, GRAVICOL® offers a higher diffusion of stress and lower print-through leading to a better surface aspect.
Urethane acrylate modified grade provides good performance for the bonding of metal to polyester resin.

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With fiber

  • > 1091 IHB TC
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  • > 3128

Without fiber