Intumescent gelcoat

Intumescent gelcoat

What is intumescent gelcoat intumescent?

Used for protecting parts and moulds, the gelcoats give a similar look to that of the varnish in the finished parts and are composed of a mix of resins and pigments.

However, when we talk about intumescent gelcoat, we refer to a particular type of fire retardant coating system characterized by greater resistance and a lower cost of production compared to polyester gelcoat or vinyl ester for fiberglass products.

The peculiarity of these fire-resistant materials is the reaction in case of flames: the surface is inflated and covered with bladders, protecting the product underneath for a long time.

These reactive coatings for passive fire protection meet different fields and sectors of use, the most affected being naval and aeronautical.

Properties and main characteristics of intumescent gelcoat

The main characteristic of reactive resins is intumescence, i. e. a chemical-physical reaction to fire that manifests itself as an increase in volume with low or almost no emission of fumes potentially harmful to health. When we talk about an increase in volume, however, we should not think of a change in the material underlying the covering, since the use of coverings for passive fire protection ensures that the lines and profiles of the product are maintained without the original materials being debased.

Fire-resistant coatings are easy to apply by brush or spray coating systems and are characterised by high impact, abrasion and corrosion resistance

Like all gelcoats, intumescent gelcoats are accompanied by a strong resistance to chemical and atmospheric agents, ultraviolet rays and resist yellowing, water absorption and maintain brilliance.

Intumescent gelcoats are available in a wide range of colours on request, with some limitations on brighter shades.

Sale and support for intumescent gelcoat

Given the peculiar characteristics of this type of gelcoat, and consequently also the high safety standard required for this material, it is essential to rely on manufacturers capable of ensuring these high standards.

Polynt's sixty years of experience in the production of polymers and chemical derivatives have made this company a real point of reference for various sectors, from automotive to naval and aeronautical.

Relying on Polynt, we are confident that we can count on an expert partner who is always attentive to offer high-quality products.