Malic acid
Are you looking for a company specialised in the production, sale and supply of malic acid? Polynt is the point of reference you are looking for: professionalism, reliability, experience and a quality product are at your disposal. Malic acid, also known as the fruit acid or apple acid, is an alpha-hydroxylated dicarboxylic acidic acid and is produced through a series of chemical reactions to be used as a food additive. It is denoted by E number E296 which must be legally reported on the food labels in which it is used. In nature malic acid is present in large concentration on the apple skin and in a wide range of fruit and vegetable products, including plums, tomatoes, currant berries, bananas.

The use of malic acid in the food industry: all fields of application

In addition to being an acid regulator, malic acid is added to foods to give them a richer and more penetrating aroma. Among the most distinctive features of this substance is its bitter and sour taste. Although it is the result of a chemical synthesis reaction, the presence of this acid within foods must not be considered to be toxic or harmful to health. It is found in a wide range of foods and drinks, including the following:
  • Pastry products
  • Fruit marmalades
  • Syrups
  • Jellies
  • Wine
  • Low calories snacks

The benefits of malic acid

In addition to the food industry, malic acid is used very often in cosmetics. In fact, there are numerous beauty creams, scrubs, and facial and body-specific products containing more or less percentages of this substance. The reason behind the widespread use of the so-called apple acid is closely related to its biochemical function. Acid is, in fact, involved in the metabolic life of the Krebs cycle and increases the levels of oxygen in the muscles. Since its intake through food, a wide range of benefits is therefore available:
  • It improves the food energy
  • It increases the physical strength in those who carry out intense sports activities
  • It reduces the perception of pain due to chronic fibromyalgia