> published on 13 December 2016

To answer an increasing demand from customers for Low-Styrene Content (LSC) unsaturated polyester resins and anticipate coming European legislation evolutions on emissions exposure, Polynt Composites has succeeded in its Research & Development innovation efforts to develop and manufacture a new low-styrene resin formulation to meet the high technical requirements of the marine market.

This new resin has been tested, approved and is now produced at industrial scale: it is ready-to-use in already existing industrial processes, so there is no need to adapt or change the standard industrial equipment. The LSC resin has a reduced styrene percentage and therefore limits styrene emissions, odors and exposure in the work atmosphere. This low-styrene emission resin is meeting the applicable European exposure legislation and provides the same technical performance and mechanical properties when compared to standard resins.

For more information, please contact your local Polynt Composites representative or local contact in your region: http://www.polynt.com/contact-informations.

Polynt Composites is the global leader for unsaturated polyesters resins, with production sites in Americas, Europe and Asia. Polynt Composites is also the leading producer of Gelcoats.

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