Special gelcoat

Special gelcoat

The wide range of special gelcoats offered by Polynt offers solutions suitable to satisfy any production requirement for the internal coating of tanks and tanks containing chemical agents, up to the external protection in architecture or in the interior design sector.

What are special gelcoats?

Gelcoats are coatings to be rolled or sprayed into the mould, which will then form the surface of the finished object.

These products are made with specific resins able to improve both the aesthetic performance and the resistance characteristics of the surface.

For example, some types of gelcoats will make the printed object surface extraordinarily glossy, others will make it perfectly homogeneous, also giving resistance against some aggressive agents. In addition, there are gelcoat variants specifically designed to preserve the colours of the surfaces produced for longer, even in difficult environmental conditions such as near the sea.

Specialty gelcoats are used in almost all industrial sectors, including the shipbuilding, chemical and construction industries.

How are gelcoats applied?

The gelcoat can be applied by choosing the most suitable application method between spraying and brush application.

Gelcoat application is usually carried out by qualified professionals: only with a precise and suitable application will it be possible to obtain maximum results.

Depending on the desired result, multiple applications may be required.

The high number of uses of special gelcoats is due to their extraordinary strength and durability over time.

Special gelcoat: What are the possible uses?

There are many types of gelcoats: some are used to make a surface more homogeneous and shiny, others to seal a composite material, others to waterproof or make it immune to the aggression of particular chemical substances tanks, tanks or other types of industrial containers.

Many gelcoats are used in the shipbuilding industry for the construction and periodic maintenance of boats' hulls.

As you can easily guess, the fields of application are practically infinite, and not only in the industrial and production field: in recent years, special gelcoats have been increasingly used to improve the aesthetic performance of particular elements of civil building and even for the creation of objects of furniture in resin.

The gelcoats offered by Polynt can satisfy a wide variety of needs: to discover the complete offer, just browse through our catalogue!