Vinyl Gelcoat

Vinyl Gelcoat

What is gelcoat vinylester?

There are numerous industrial sectors in which the use of gelcoats is considered necessary for the protection and finishing of products, but also for the production of moulds.

Gelcoats are coating systems based on polyester or epoxy resin of varying thickness, commonly between 0.5 and 1 mm, which are used to cover products with a smooth and compact layer, similar to paint.

Suitable for use with brushes and spray systems, gelcoats are essential for moulding industrial parts.

Among the different types of gelcoat coatings, the most used in the aeronautical, naval and automotive sectors are gelcoat vinyl, which differs from other types because of their high resistance to chemical agents and mechanical stresses.

Technical characteristics and properties of gelcoat vinyl ester

Vinyl earthenware coating systems are often preferred in the industrial field over alternative systems such as polyester resins. The reason for this preference is that vinyl ester resins have a higher chemical, mechanical and above all thermal resistance. The high performance of this type of coating in the aforementioned fields is essential for companies that want to produce extremely light or high-tech products.

In the chemical industry, however, the use of gelcoat vinilesteri is fundamental for the production of tanks that come into contact with acid chemicals during use.

Another interesting peculiarity of the vinylester coating is the lack of modification action on the manufactured products made of fiberglass, glass fibre, aramid fibre and carbon fibre.

The main features of this type of gelcoat include the creation of water-resistant and anti-osmosis barriers, resistance to yellowing and corrosion, and the ability to conceal manufacturing defects such as surfaces characterized by small bubbles or porous to the touch.

Gelcoat vinilesteri are only available in three colours: black, dark green and orange.

Polynt: company specialized in the production of gelcoat vinilesteri

Quality and safety of use are the two fundamental aspects when deciding to buy gelcoats for use in the industrial field. Polynt has been supplying different industrial companies with coating systems for products in compliance with current quality and safety regulations for the past sixty years. Present in four continents, based on a continuous search for innovation in the polymer and intermediate sector and distinctive for the rigorous controls applied to the production and distribution chain of its products, Polynt is undoubtedly the ideal partner.

Polynt products are aimed at a wide range of industries, including automotive, aeronautical, marine, construction, chemical, medical and pharmaceutical industries.