Vinyl ester resin
Polynt is the reference company for those who want vinyl ester resin to be used in multiple environments. We relate to companies from different sectors, always ensuring high quality and efficiency. Vinyl ester resin is a telechelic pre-polymer containing a double bond. The resin derives from an esterification reaction of an epoxy prepolymer with a carboxylic acid. The latter can be represented by an unsaturated component, such as methacrylic acid or acrylic acid. Among the most important features of vinyl ester can be high values of:
  • Mechanical resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Heat resistance

Vinyl ester resin: features and strengths

Compared to the polyester resin, the vinyl ester resin has a higher heat resistance level, and a high resistance to corrosion by chemical agents and structural deformations. Its values are close to those of epoxy resin. Polynt is involved in the production and sale of vinyl ester resin to companies that need to obtain higher performance than a fiberglass product, but using a processing technique very similar to polyester resin in all types of processing, including: layering, manual lamination, with spraying-cutting processing and infusion. As with polyester resins, vinyl ester resin can be thixotropic, and used in the stratification of the vertical mould walls, without any dropping to the bottom during its application.

Possible applications of vinyl ester resin

Polynt is a company specialised in the production and sale of vinyl ester resin, for different industrial sectors. We stand for the quality of our service and the efficiency of our proposals. In addition to glass fibers, vinyl ester resin is also ideal for aramid and carbon fibers. The sectors that most of all use vinyl ester resin are the nautical sector and chemical and petrochemical industry. In the first case, the vinyl ester resin is used for the production of high performance hulls, heat-resistant nautical bodies and hulls, competition boats. In the chemical-oil field, however, the vinyl ester resin is used for the fiberglass coating of tanks and containers containing corrosive substances.